On Friday’s I usually am sitting on my couch in my dorm room typing away to create something to share with you guys, but on this sunshine filled Friday I am sitting in my bed at home and technically is my first day of summer! In honor of that, I decided to share with you guys everything from my freshman year.  Freshman year of college flew by and I am so grateful for all the people I met and all the opportunities I was given.  ASU was the greatest decision I could’ve ever made.  Even though I miss my family and sometimes consider going to school at home, I know ASU is the place for me.  They offer everything I never could’ve imagined.  Like c’mon I’m a business student AND a fashion student, how cool is that? ASU has helped my dreams become a reality and I can’t wait to see what these next three years have to offer me. Here is to the best year of my life filled with friends, happiness, and just plain fun at Spring Break University (; .

Of course I have to share with you the things from the VERY beginning. Before I switched everything around this is what my room looked like.  This was on move in day and I hadn’t even started classes yet but I was so excited to at school with my best friend.


I went to all the little activities before school started like painting the A white for the new year and my roomie and I even went to a community service thing too! The picture on the far right was the very first day of school that I took to send to my parents hahahaha by no means was I going to post this ever–just for the memories.  I remember not having any idea what to expect of college classes and I remember walking to class and looking at the map I had on my phone of where my classes were so no one could easily point me out as a freshman.


I went through sorority recruitment and probably was the greatest decision I made all year.  I have met all of my friends because of Delta Gamma and given the greatest opportunities of community service, leadership, and pretty much has helped me grow and adjust throughout my freshman year.


With this, came LOTS of fun DG events…..


Where I met the greatest people…..


and of course MY BIG!!!! My favorite person I have ever met and I am so happy Delta Gamma brought us together.  This beauty is studying abroad next semester in Paris and I don’t know what I am going to do without her.


I turned 19 in my freshman year (yeah I know, that’s kind of how it works) BUT my bff and future roomie took me to DISNEYLAND!!!! Let me tell you, having your birthday during spring break is pretty cool and so convenient. A special thank you to Lucy for making my 19th one to remember.


One of the best parts about going to school and being roommates with your lifelong best friend is people love to come visit.  Shoutout to these people for visiting us throughout our freshman year.  It made it even more special.


Last but not least (like at all), a special thank you to my best friend and roommate for keeping me sane this year and being my source for constant laughter and dance parties.  Sophomore year we are living in our sorority houses so we won’t be roommates again next year but just wait guys, junior year we’ll reunite as roommates and be like freshman year all over again (besides living in a dorm and sleeping on twin XL beds).

PS. our sorority houses are literally right next to each other and I’ll still see her everyday (we have classes together), I’m just being dramatic (:


Thanks so much guys for reading and I am so excited for the content I want to put out for you guys now that I have all the time in the world to do so.  SO STAY TUNED, I promise you won’t want to miss out on any posts I have coming this summer! ♥



Hey sunshines! It’s the best day of the week and I’m coming at you with a list of things I’ve been dying to buy but haven’t yet because ya girl is BROKE.  Coming to ASU I didn’t get a job 1. because I couldn’t find somewhere I wanted to work on campus and 2. I couldn’t work off campus because I don’t have a car here! So this coming summer is going to consists of pretty much just working the whole damn time.  As my semester is winding down, I have started coming up with a list of things I have wanted for a really long time that I could potentially buy when I start working and have the money for it.  By no means am I going to buy all of this, just things I wish and hope to have in my wardrobe sometime in the near future. (:

  •  Overall Dress/Overalls

I have ALWAYS wanted overalls but haven’t found the right ones that fit me so I am definitely on the hunt for some!

  • Denim shorts


I have the HARDEST time finding shorts that don’t show my butt cheeks.  I have a few pairs of Levi shorts that don’t know my butt cheeks BUT they aren’t high waisted enough so if any of you know a Levi style pair of shorts that are high waisted PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  It’s honestly a struggle and I hate when my butt cheeks are out so help a sista out.

  • Gym Shark Ombre Set


I have been obsessed with the new gym shark ombre leggings and tops.  I want almost every single colors but they are always sold out and I don’t have money soooooo I have two problems there.

  • Swim Suits

I haven’t bought new swim suits in probably two years so I need to get rid of like all my swim suits and buy new ones. And I’m totally digging the high waisted bottoms with the strapless top trend going on right now so I’ll probably buy a BUNCH of those in every color I can find.

  • Jewelry

I literally never wear earrings so I definitely need to buy some cute statement and simple earrings ASAP.

  • Bandeau crop tops


I love bandeau tops with really high waisted pants, it’s one of my favorite things right now so if any of you know where I could find some cute ones let me know cause thats probably what ill be wearing all summer.

  • Checkered vans

I have a new obsession with shoes.  I have so many it’s kind of ridiculous but I can’t resist with this two pairs of Vans.

  • Apple Watch band


I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and I am thinking about getting a new watch band that looks more like “professional” I guess and looks better with cute outfits!

  • Dr. Marten boots


I love this kind of look and want to cop some of my own Dr. Martens.  My only fear about them is they might make my feet look ginormous but oh well.

  • Ray Ban Hexagon Sunglasses


I love the look of round sunglasses and I don’t have the face to pull them off and these hexagon glasses are the perfect way for me to get my fix on round glasses without them being too small for my face.  I already have a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses but they are one of there cheaper styles, I think I got them for like $70 so I want a cuter pair like these.  They also come in cute colors too so I might get them in a color so I can justify my purchase as I need “fashionable” glasses.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what I want to purchase these coming months.  Who knows, if I do end up getting all of this stuff, I can do a haul and show y’all what I got! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a sunshine filled day! love you all. ♥


PS. All the photos in this post I got from Pinterest!



Hey sunshine’s, so it’s the greatest day of the week and as requested from my Instagram, I did a dorm tour! Today’s post is on my YouTube channel (which you guys should definitely subscribe to) and I’m thinking that every other week I will do a blog post and then a youtube video just to spice things up a little. I’m so stoked for summer so I can focus on putting up/creating content that I love! But anyways,  as you all know from my last blog post (if not go read it!) I go to Arizona State and my freshman year is coming to an end in just 3 short weeks!!!!!! So I figured it’s now or never to show everyone my dorm room before I take everything down and get the hell out of here!! It’s honestly so crazy how fast this year went by but I’ll get into all that in a later blog post so stay tuned for that!  I hope you guys enjoy this, I mean you all wanted it anyways so you better like it people.  Hahahaha just kidding, but subscribe and watch my dorm tour below!



Thanks for watching sunshines! Stay tuned as always for next Friday’s post. ♥

Also, leaves comments on my blog or on the video if you have any requests for my next posts!


I know this is coming a day later than usual but it’s better than nothing right? For this blog post I just wanted to talk about my process in choosing Arizona State, hopefully this will help some of you soon to be graduating seniors in deciding where you want to go if you haven’t already!

For me, this was my criteria in looking at colleges, it had to have nice weather, preferably by the beach and Greek life. I ended up applying to San Diego State, Arizona State, CSU Channel Islands (only because my mom made me), and Cal Poly SLO. At one point I wanted to apply to Long Beach but I toured the campus and decided it just wasn’t for me so I didn’t end up applying there. Out of the schools I applied to I toured San Diego State and ASU. I didn’t want to your Cal Poly until I found out if I got in or not because I didn’t want to fall in love with the campus and not get accepted in. I loved the campus and SDSU but the dorms were insanely small but if I got in I’m sure I would’ve made the sacrifice. I toured ASU almost two years ago and loved it there too. The dorms were so nice, the weather was warm almost year round and I loved the campus. I toured ASU with my best friend too so it made it even more amazing because we both liked it. Arizona State was the first school I applied to and the first school I got accepted to. But let me tell you, it is NOT the end of the world if you don’t get into every school you applied to! I had a 3.98 GPA and took AP classes all throughout high school and the only other school I got into was CSU Channel Islands. By no means does it mean that you aren’t smart enough but just that there is another place that’s just right for you. I only got accepted into 2 schools and I know I made the greatest decision in choosing ASU. I have met the most amazing people at Arizona State with so many opportunities. I never would’ve thought I could incorporate fashion into my career but ASU gave me that opportunity to have it as a minor. I wanted a place with nice weather, by the beach, and Greek life. I found two out of the three criteria’s in ASU and I was okay with that. I mean yes it’s hotter than hell in the beginning of the school year but when it’s January and 70 degrees that’s not half bad if I say so myself. Remember when I said before, me and my bff toured ASU together???? Well we decided to go to ASU together!!!! That made my decision even easier honestly. If you have the opportunity to go to college with someone you know and can actually stand being around them 24/7 I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s made my college experience even more special because I’ve had my bff with me the whole time. I mean we live together and have some classes together and our friends come and visit all the time so that’s pretty cool too.

My greatest advice I could give any senior that’s deciding where to go to college is this; don’t focus on the schools you didn’t get into, it’s an amazing accomplishment to get into any college and be proud of the schools you got accepted to. Everything happens for a reason and even if the schools you did get into aren’t what you wanted and decide against going to a four year university, there is NOTHING wrong with going to a junior college. Everyone’s college experience is different, so make it how you want it.

Thanks for reading guys (even though it came a day late)! I hope you have an amazing weekend and I’ll do my best to post next Friday, there’s only three weeks left of school and I’ve been swamped with homework and sorority stuff!!! Thanks for understanding sunshine’s, stay tuned for next weeks post! Love you all.



HELLO SUNSHINES!  Simply Sunshine is back and better than ever!! Some of you may have not even noticed that I didn’t post last Friday but it’s true! I had so much going on last week it was so crazy.  I had three tests I had to take/study for and it was my boyfriends spring break so he came to visit for a few days and by the time Friday came around I was done with all my tests but I just wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend before he left.  I could’ve put something up butttt it wouldn’t have been the greatest and I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it.  So here I am, back at it again, refreshed and recharged for this lovely post on this lovely Friday.

I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now and today was that day everybody! I cut my hair last June pretty short before I came to ASU but it wasn’t as short as I wanted it.  Not having a car also put a damper on getting my hair cut while I was in AZ last semester so I didn’t cut it at alllllll.  So it grew out a lot and then when I went home in February I got a trim because I wasn’t ready for any drastic changes BUT now its getting hotter and decided now was the time to get it chopped off.  I cut off probably 6 inches (my hair was like boob length pretty much) and NOW it’s to my collar bones!!! I love it  so so much honestly. It’s so cute and I’m hoping it’ll be a lot easier to manage in this hot AZ weather.  I am so happy I made the decision to do it.  If you are thinking about cutting your hair short, make sure you are completely sure.  If you have any doubts in your mind, don’t do it because ultimately you will probably regret it.  Just wait until you are ready and in the right mindset because it will be so worth it when you truly want it to happen. Here is a TINY video of when she started cutting my hair.

Thanks for reading/watching! Stayed tuned for next Friday’s post! Love you all!


As you all know and if you don’t well you are about to find out, my birthday was last week ( I turned the most irrelevant age of all time) and this year I wanted to revamp my wardrobe and I didn’t want anything in particular so I got some cash money’s for my birthday! Soooo I did a little shopping while I was home and got so many things I absolutely looooveee.  I decided to do a haul instead of writing about it because it would be way to long and no one would want to read all of that. But thank you for reading and thank you for watching the video.  ALSO!!! The love and support I got from people while I was home was so incredible and if you’re reading this right now and you showed support while I was home, I love you and thank you sooooo much.  I can’t even describe how good it feels to be surrounded by so many supportive people! ♥

Watch the video below!


It’s Friday everyone!!! As spring break is starting to come to an end, I wanted to remisince on my time in Disneyland and post my vlog! I had a blast with my bff Lucy and I hope you guys enjoy it!  Stay tuned for next weeks post of my birthday haul!

Thanks for watching!