Thrift Store Finds

Hello Sunshine!

So I recently went to the thrift store, which was technically a consignment store, but I mean it’s all discounted clothes so does it really matter? ANYWAYS… as I was saying, I went to a thrift store and I found a few things that I wanted to share with you guys.  I didn’t find a bunch of stuff but I don’t think anyone can go into a thrift store and go on a shopping spree.  But, you always find the good stuff in a thrift store even if it was just a few things.  So for me, this was exactly the case.  I walked out with only three things this time around.  Thrifting is always a nice way to spice up your wardrobe for a good price because honestly you never know what you’ll find while you shop!



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When I first got to the store, I knew I wanted to and a couple new graphic tees so I headed right towards to mens section and looked through all the t-shirts.  I ended up finding this Harley Davidson baseball tee kind of shirt and I knew I had to have it.  I started thinking about how I wanted to style it and how I would cut it.  After I purchased it, I went back to my dorm and cut the collar out so I could wear it as a one shoulder top. I also was going to cut the bottom off to make a crop top but I couldn’t fully commit so I decided to just tie it like in the picture if I ever wanted it to be a crop top.  In the photo I paired it with some Steve Madden sneakers, a denim skirt from TopShop, and a faux leather jacket from Forever 21.




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This next item I found by accident.  I was walking by and I saw the plaid pattern and I’ve been obsessed with plaid lately, so I looked at it and at first I thought it was a skirt and then I realized they were shorts and I was even more intrigued.  I have never seen a pair of shorts like this before and so I knew I wanted to try them on first just in case it didn’t look right on my body.  Once I tried them on it was crazy how nicely they fit, they are super high waisted which I love and make a good statement piece.  I wish I knew the brand of the shorts but the tag was ripped off so I have no idea :(.  I decided to pair them with a black turtle neck (from Forever 21) because it’s a little chilly in Arizona right now but could be worn with a leather jacket or denim jacket too.  I wore my black & white Old Skool Vans along with a simple gold horn necklace which is also from Forever 21.



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This last item is probably one of my favorites because I have been looking for a loooong time for some sort of chain belt but I couldn’t find one I really loved and was willing to pay like $30 for sooooo when I found this I knew I was going to buy it.  The price was so affordable and definitely a good item to have to spice up any denim look.  I paired it with a tan knit sweater from Hollister, the same TopShop skirt as before, and  the belt has blue gem looking things in it which I think looks super cute with these light pink Steve Madden slip on sneakers.




Thanks for reading guys, I love you all! I have been trying to post once a week and so far I’ve been on track with that, so stay tuned for a new post next week! ♥



Different Ways To Style MOM JEANS

Different Ways To Style MOM JEANS

Hello my lovely people! In the beginning I said that this was SUPPOSED to be a fashion blog, which it is but I have yet to post anything fashion related on Simply Sunshine until now! But y’all lemme tell you how difficult it is to come up with content while being a full-time college student…. it’s fu#$%^& hard, okay! Luckily though, I knew this would happen so I got together with one of my friends from high school while I was home for break and I got some pictures taken! Look at me all prepared and stuff *hair flip*. Anywayyyssssss in this post I give two ideas on how to style mom jeans, kind of a cute and casual kind of deal I decided on.  I will have everything listed at the end of the post with links on where I got these items and stuff like that if you want to purchase them yourself! Thanks for reading guys, love you all. ♥


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To me there are certain staple pieces that belong in everyones wardrobe, and a pair of mom jeans is one of those pieces. Did you notice I said a “pair” of mom jeans? That’s because you honestly only need to make the purchase once and you’re set for a loooonnnngggg time. The first way I styled my pair of mom jeans, which are from American Eagle by the way, was for those of you that just want to be comfortable but still look trendy and cute.  Any graphic tee is the way to go honestly.  Just throw on a comfy t-shirt and some mom jeans and your already looking put together.  I also paired the tee with a cardigan because ya know it’s winter time and not everyone lives in this wonderful Phoenix weather.  Lately I’ve been into the whole idea of wearing my cardigans in a slouchy manner with one side not on my shoulder. If you don’t know what I mean, you can look at my Instagram post from last week because I can already tell my description of it was not on point.  For shoes, any comfortable sneakers you have would work to complete the look.  I decided to wear my new Old Skool Vans which I feel like everyone and their mom got for Christmas this year but I mean hey it would make it easy to re-create this look.


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Okay this is the second way I styled mom jeans. I love the way this color of denim pairs with black so that’s the direction I decided to go in! So the top is just a plain black turtle neck which you can honestly get from anywhere and I paired it with a black distressed denim jacket! A regular denim jacket could work also for a cute denim on denim look. The hat obviously is not for everyone and gives this look kind of a western vibe with the belt too but oh well it still looks cute in my opinion. Since I just mentioned the belt, this was one of my best purchases ever! I love it so much and its so versatile. Double buckle belts have become very popular and I am all for it. As for the shoes, I think this is the part that takes it to the level of not being casual anymore.  They are just simple black booties from Steve Madden which I loooove! They are a good height too, I think they are about 3 inches or 2.5, I’m not sure but I’m 5’9 so the height of a heel is perfect for me.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this and hopefully got some inspiration for your own pair of mom jeans! Love you all ♥


For all the ones that say “similar”, those are the actual places I purchased those items from they just didn’t have the exact same item that was in these photos.



My Tattoo Diary

Hello Sunshine!!! So I decided to do a tattoo diary because 1. all my tattoos mean a lot to me and 2. because I’ve never really went into detail about what the meanings behind them are, so here I am in currently in my bed telling you all about my tattoos.  You’re probably wondering while you read this, “Well if she’s going to do a whole blog post about her tattoos then she must have a lot” and you would be correct if this came across you’re mind because at the young age of 18, I have 6 tattoos (& yes I waited until I was 18 to get all of them). In a matter of 9 months I got 6 tattoos and not a single one I regret putting on my body.  Okay Okay, I’ll stop with all this mumbo jumbo and get into the good stuff.


Processed with VSCO with c3 preset  This is my most recent tattoo and probably the last one I’ll get for a while but if you ask my boyfriend, he’d tell you I say that every time after I get a new one.  OOPS! What can I say? I like tattoos.  My mom and I got this tattoo just before I came back to school a few days ago and if you know me then you know why the plane is significant for my mom and I.  For those of you who don’t know, thats the point of this whole post so here it goes.  I have live a very unique lifestyle because of my mom.  I have had the privilege of flying for free my whole life because of my moms job at Southwest Airlines. Because of my mom I have grown a love for traveling and seeing knew things.  You may think that the plane is “flying” that direction for no reason at all but I purposefully placed it that way because that is the flight direction from Tempe, Arizona to Sacramento, California.  With it flying that direction it reminds me that I am only a flight away from home no matter how homesick I feel or how badly I miss my friends and family.  It was actually my moms idea to get the heart with the plane and at first I didn’t know how I felt about the idea but I love my momma and I wanted to get whatever she was getting and it ended up working out because this is one of my favorite tattoos.



So here’s how the story goes, my roommate and I have been bff’s since we were 5 so it was only fitting to go to college together of course and so when our other two best friends decided to come visit we knew we had to give them the ASU experience. So where do you think we went on a Saturday before a football game? A FRAT PARTY. (sorry mom and dad).  Pretty much we decided to leave that shin dig and head on over to get tattoos! We all wanted to get a matching one which will come later but that day I also got two other tattoos and these are them.  I don’t want to say that this one is one of my favorites because I love all of my tattoos but I’m just going to say it, the “go live” tattoo on my ribs is one of my favorites.  This tattoo is pretty self explanatory because honestly it was a tattoo to remind me to go f@#$%^& live my life.  I have always been the person who does good in school, never gets in trouble (except that one time in Tahoe but I’ll save   that for another time), and is sometimes scared to live a little.  As for the one on my finger, if you don’t know what it is, well it’s my zodiac and if you don’t know your zodiac sign and what it means then you should because they’re pretty freaking cool.  I know some people don’t believe in zodiac signs but a Pisces if pretty spot on to my personality and I love that so I got it tattooed on my finger(:
Processed with VSCO with c3 presetThese are my next two tattoos and I’m sure you can probably tell by now that I’m a fan of the simple feminine tattoos. As I said earlier, my friends and I got matching tattoos and yes it is the heart.  We’ve been best friends for a longgggg time and two of us decided to go away to school and two decided to stay at home. They’ll always be my best friends no matter what happens in our lives (if you’re reading this I love y’all).  As for my other ankle tattoo, this was my second tattoo ever and let me tell you, THIS TATTOO HURT SO BAD and this might be shocking when you see my very first tattoo and the size of it but this little dainty wildflower was no joke.  If I’m being honest I found this tattoo on Pinterst and fell in love with it.  But months after I got the tattoo I looked up the meaning of a wild flower it said, “a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention” and I thought that was a pretty cool because my parents are divorced and neither of them lived close to my high school and I was always busy with extra curricular activities and I had the opportunity to grow freely and do what I wanted at a young age, but keep in mind I am a goody too shoes and doing what I wanted consisted of hanging out with my friends and going to Dutch Bros but its still a cool concept though, right? Well, I think so.



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This was my very first tattoo and definitely my largest tattoo I’ll ever get.  Months before I turned 18 I knew I wanted to get a sparrow tattoo.  My great grandfather had to sparrow tattoos on his chest and there is a picture of him holding me when I was a baby and he didn’t have a shirt on so the tattoo is easily visible and by far my favorite picture we have together.  It ended up being sort of a family tattoo because my uncle ended uo getting the same exact tattoo and on his chest also.  My dad got one on his forearm with an anchor because he was in the navy.  And when I hit the big one eight I made my appointment and got one myself.  My great grandpa passed away 6 days before my 15th birthday and was a super adventurous guy and I hope I get to a point in my life where I can be as adventurous as he was.




Low quality picture for a high quality guy.