Hello my lovely people! So I figure since I am a super nosy person, you guys might be too so I just wanted to get on here and just update you on my summer and just what I’ve been up to.

Soooo let’s see, I don’t know where to start…… I guess with school! Just to skip to the point, yes, I will be going back to ASU.  I know some people go away for school for a year and then realize they don’t like it and come home (which there is nothing wrong with that) but I love ASU and I plan to stay there for the rest of my years until I graduate.  I actually am living in my sorority house this coming up school year and I am pretty stoked about it. It’s brand new and I’m not even sure if it’s done being built yet but I guess I’ll find out real soon.  My roommate is my bff Lucy and my lifelong bff since I was 5 (who I roomed with last year) is also living in her sorority house which thankfully for us are LITERALLY right next door to each other.  But honestly I am so excited for the experience to live in.  It’ll make me feel a lot closer with my chapter and make my position A LOT easier (I’m Vice President of Finance for DG).

I’ve always noticed with people older than me that when they came home for their summer after their freshman year, they just work a ton and let me tell you that is all I’ve been doing this summer is working.  I don’t mind it though because I love where I work (I work at Lucky Brand) and the people I work with and I’m kinda sad I have to leave and go to a different lucky brand when school starts but my plan is to work holidays and things like that when I’m home.  On my days off I usually hangout with my boyfriend or spend time with my friends or my family.  I feel like I balance my time really well for the people in my life (at least I hope so).  But honestly this summer has been a good one ( a very memorable one if I say so myself).  It’s nice to be home and it’s nice to spend time with people that I can’t that much when I’m at school.  Whoever decided that there should be a summer break in the school system deserves an award.

I’m gonna be honest I haven’t been able to post on here as much as I would have liked this summer.  But honestly I’m kinda just in a rut for ideas of what I want to put up and being realistic about the time I have to create content or write (whichever one I decide to choose).  Hopefully I’ll start to come up with things so I can get back to how much I was posting!  Thanks for reading guys, it means so much to me the support and love I get from you all!  Stay tuned for next time. ♥


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