Hello my lovely sunshines! You’re probably thinking wait it’s not Friday why in the heck is Mikayla posting today?  Well you see, 1. I didn’t post this past Friday because I just didn’t have anything to post if I’m being honest & 2. I am soooooo busy with work so it’s very hard for me to like pre-film things so that’s also why I didn’t post last Friday.  With that being said, this summer I will be posting simply whenever I feel like it.  Some weeks maybe multiple times, others maybe not at all, it all just depends on my schedule! Also guys, I filmed a Get Ready With Me the other day and I edited the WHOLE thing and was getting ready to post it and then my computer freaked out on me and deleted it so I have to re edit and all that fun stuff but the only reason I am bringing this us is because do you guys even want to see a get ready with me? if you do just comment below that you do(: .  OKAY ANYWAYS, obviously all this mumbo jumbo I just talked about is not the main focus of this blog post but I just wanted to give y’all an update.  Okay now to the good stuff.

As you all know, I am in Delta Gamma at ASU and I know I know I’ve only been in a sorority for a year but I feel like I had a very well-rounded experience in DG this past year.  So for all you lovely ladies thinking about joining a sorority this may or may not be helpful I don’t even know but I know if I wasn’t in a sorority I would want to know what I was getting myself into (that made it sound really bad but I swear it’s not. nothing but positivity is coming from this post).

First of all, going through the recruitment process is EXHAUSTING.  At least here at ASU it is.  I believe we have 13 sororities at our school now and in order to know or have any kind of idea what sorority you think you would fit in to, you have to talk to all 13.  Recruitment at ASU is 2 weekends in a row and pretty much all you do is talk to people in the sorority for a specific amount of time and then you move on to the next one.  For me, I talked to my big during recruitment and was really the main reason why I went DG. I remember telling my roommate and being like oh this girl Mekaila is really cool, if I ever went DG I would want her to be my big & look at that, SHE IS MY BIG.  This leads into my next thing you need to know about being in a sorority.  There is always a stereotype that being in a sorority is just paying to have friends.  But it’s not like that at all.  You’re paying to be apart of things like fundraisers and philanthropies and volunteering.  You get to do fun things like date parties and formals.  And through all this, you make friends.  My bff and I literally became friends because we walked to a chapter meeting together and talked about trail mix and now we are going to be roommates next year.  Another thing you should know about being in a sorority is that in my opinion, being involved is way better than not.  I was told from the very beginning that you get what you put into it. Meaning that if you choose not to go to sisterhoods and date parties and things like that, then you’ll probably not have the greatest experience.  I am so shy and being in a sorority and not knowing anyone you have to put yourself out there and be involved and meet new people.  I went to almost everything and took the opportunities I could and I had the greatest first year in Delta Gamma.  So here is the takeaway from this post,

  • Recruitment is EXHAUSTING (for both the PNM (potential new member) and recruiters)
  • You are NOT paying for you friends
  • (I think this is the most important) BE INVOLVED!!!!!!!

By no means is everyone’s greek life experience the same.  Individual chapters at different schools are even different.  Like my roommate/bff is in Alpha Chi Omega and another one of my best friends is in Alpha Chi Omega at Sac State and seriously they are two different people.  But I am going to tell you what every recruitment counselor will tell you, “Trust the process”.  Throughout all of recruitment I thought I wanted to be in Alpha Chi Omega and it didn’t end up working out that way but I can’t imagine not being a Delta Gamma.

Thanks so much for reading guys! I am waiting on some things to come in the mail and then I am going to film another haul video so stay tuned for that! Love you all & thanks again for reading.  ♥

PS. if you want to see more about DG at ASU look at our Instagram page! @asu_deltagamma



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