On this lovely Friday I’m coming at you guys with 10 facts about me! Some of these are really random but I tried to come up with things that weren’t completely boring soooooo let’s get started.

okay, fact #1

  • As you all know, I am a student at ASU but you may not know that my major is Marketing and I have a minor in Fashion.  Some of my favorite classes I’ve taken are my fashion classes.  It’s so cool to me that my love for something so simple like clothes can become my career and I can learn more about and it and actually educate myself to be knowledgable in fashion.  I could have my major be in fashion but all the classes I would have to take don’t interest me that much and the business aspect of fashion is a lot more interesting to me than fashion design and things like that.  I always figure too if the fashion thing doesn’t workout for me I can do marketing with Southwest and work for them like my momma.

Fact #2

  • Okay this one is kinda boring but if you don’t know me personally and you’re just a reader from some other part of the world, I am actually pretty tall for a girl lol.  I am 5’9 everyone!!!!! Some may say that’s not even that tall but yes, yes it is tall, for a girl at least.  Makes wearing heels kind of a struggle but oh well I like being tall (sometimes).

Fact #3

  • So my full name is Mikayla Cameron Garcia.  The fun fact about this one is that I am named after my great great grandmother and my great grandfather paid my mom $500 to name me Mikayla after his mom.  And of course no one told my mom how to spell it so she spelled how she liked which is how I have it now but I guess I was supposed to be spelled “Michaela”.  Let me just say here and now that I like my way better but let’s just keep that between us.

Fact #4

  • As for my family, I’ve talked on here before about how my parents are divorced.  They have been since I was like 3 or 4 or something like that. But both remarried and my mom never had anymore kids so I’m technically an only child on my moms side but my dad remarried and had another baby which is my little sister, she is 7 years younger than me and then his marriage with this lady didn’t end up working out but a few years ago, my dad started dating who I call my step mom cause it’s just easier and they had a baby a little over a year ago.  My dad finally got his son and now I have THE CUTEST little brother and we are 17 years apart.

Fact #5

  • There is a certain food that I could literally eat every meal of the day and even sometimes order them at restaurants even though I can make them for so much cheaper at home.  Guys, my favorite food is a quesadilla. Love em so much.

Fact #6

  • This is another thing I have mentioned a couple times on here is that I have a boyfriend.  We have been together for almost 3 years now but we’ve known each other since the 7th grade.  If you talk to anyone we went to high school with they’d probably tell you we’ve been dating off and on for like 5 or 6 years but that’s besides the point.  He plays football at a college in Idaho and obviously you guys know I go to ASU so we have done long distance for our freshman year and I think it’s safe to say we kicked long distance ass for our first year.

Fact #7

  • I HATE doing things by myself.  I mean I still have my mom come o the doctors with me (my bff came with me when I went to the doctors at ASU).  Not like I’m not capable of doing things on my own I just enjoy the company of others (:

Fact #8

  • I love to travel.  Since my mom works for an airline, it makes it very easy to go places in the US.  I’ve been to New York 3 times, Washington DC, Hawaii 3 times, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Arizona (obviously), Rhode Island, Idaho (to visit my bf), and Nevada which isn’t that exciting.  Out of the United States I have been to Germany twice, Austria, and Canada.

Fact #9

  • My favorite color is white.  I have so many white tops it’s crazy.  But idk there is something very fresh and feminine about the color white.

Fact #10

  • I feel like this last fact should be something really cool and exciting but I don’t have any cool facts to end with.  I played soccer for 10 years and I cheered for about 5 years.  Cheer is the way I decided to be  involved in high school and I loved it when I was doing it but it’s not something I particularly miss.  I do miss soccer though. It’s been awhile since I’ve even kicked a ball around so maybe I’ll do that sometime this summer I’ll get around to doing that.


I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better and reading these 10 facts about me! Thanks for reading and all the support! Stay tuned to next Friday’s post! ♥




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