On Friday’s I usually am sitting on my couch in my dorm room typing away to create something to share with you guys, but on this sunshine filled Friday I am sitting in my bed at home and technically is my first day of summer! In honor of that, I decided to share with you guys everything from my freshman year.  Freshman year of college flew by and I am so grateful for all the people I met and all the opportunities I was given.  ASU was the greatest decision I could’ve ever made.  Even though I miss my family and sometimes consider going to school at home, I know ASU is the place for me.  They offer everything I never could’ve imagined.  Like c’mon I’m a business student AND a fashion student, how cool is that? ASU has helped my dreams become a reality and I can’t wait to see what these next three years have to offer me. Here is to the best year of my life filled with friends, happiness, and just plain fun at Spring Break University (; .

Of course I have to share with you the things from the VERY beginning. Before I switched everything around this is what my room looked like.  This was on move in day and I hadn’t even started classes yet but I was so excited to at school with my best friend.


I went to all the little activities before school started like painting the A white for the new year and my roomie and I even went to a community service thing too! The picture on the far right was the very first day of school that I took to send to my parents hahahaha by no means was I going to post this ever–just for the memories.  I remember not having any idea what to expect of college classes and I remember walking to class and looking at the map I had on my phone of where my classes were so no one could easily point me out as a freshman.


I went through sorority recruitment and probably was the greatest decision I made all year.  I have met all of my friends because of Delta Gamma and given the greatest opportunities of community service, leadership, and pretty much has helped me grow and adjust throughout my freshman year.


With this, came LOTS of fun DG events…..


Where I met the greatest people…..


and of course MY BIG!!!! My favorite person I have ever met and I am so happy Delta Gamma brought us together.  This beauty is studying abroad next semester in Paris and I don’t know what I am going to do without her.


I turned 19 in my freshman year (yeah I know, that’s kind of how it works) BUT my bff and future roomie took me to DISNEYLAND!!!! Let me tell you, having your birthday during spring break is pretty cool and so convenient. A special thank you to Lucy for making my 19th one to remember.


One of the best parts about going to school and being roommates with your lifelong best friend is people love to come visit.  Shoutout to these people for visiting us throughout our freshman year.  It made it even more special.


Last but not least (like at all), a special thank you to my best friend and roommate for keeping me sane this year and being my source for constant laughter and dance parties.  Sophomore year we are living in our sorority houses so we won’t be roommates again next year but just wait guys, junior year we’ll reunite as roommates and be like freshman year all over again (besides living in a dorm and sleeping on twin XL beds).

PS. our sorority houses are literally right next to each other and I’ll still see her everyday (we have classes together), I’m just being dramatic (:


Thanks so much guys for reading and I am so excited for the content I want to put out for you guys now that I have all the time in the world to do so.  SO STAY TUNED, I promise you won’t want to miss out on any posts I have coming this summer! ♥


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