Hey sunshines! It’s the best day of the week and I’m coming at you with a list of things I’ve been dying to buy but haven’t yet because ya girl is BROKE.  Coming to ASU I didn’t get a job 1. because I couldn’t find somewhere I wanted to work on campus and 2. I couldn’t work off campus because I don’t have a car here! So this coming summer is going to consists of pretty much just working the whole damn time.  As my semester is winding down, I have started coming up with a list of things I have wanted for a really long time that I could potentially buy when I start working and have the money for it.  By no means am I going to buy all of this, just things I wish and hope to have in my wardrobe sometime in the near future. (:

  •  Overall Dress/Overalls

I have ALWAYS wanted overalls but haven’t found the right ones that fit me so I am definitely on the hunt for some!

  • Denim shorts


I have the HARDEST time finding shorts that don’t show my butt cheeks.  I have a few pairs of Levi shorts that don’t know my butt cheeks BUT they aren’t high waisted enough so if any of you know a Levi style pair of shorts that are high waisted PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  It’s honestly a struggle and I hate when my butt cheeks are out so help a sista out.

  • Gym Shark Ombre Set


I have been obsessed with the new gym shark ombre leggings and tops.  I want almost every single colors but they are always sold out and I don’t have money soooooo I have two problems there.

  • Swim Suits

I haven’t bought new swim suits in probably two years so I need to get rid of like all my swim suits and buy new ones. And I’m totally digging the high waisted bottoms with the strapless top trend going on right now so I’ll probably buy a BUNCH of those in every color I can find.

  • Jewelry

I literally never wear earrings so I definitely need to buy some cute statement and simple earrings ASAP.

  • Bandeau crop tops


I love bandeau tops with really high waisted pants, it’s one of my favorite things right now so if any of you know where I could find some cute ones let me know cause thats probably what ill be wearing all summer.

  • Checkered vans

I have a new obsession with shoes.  I have so many it’s kind of ridiculous but I can’t resist with this two pairs of Vans.

  • Apple Watch band


I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and I am thinking about getting a new watch band that looks more like “professional” I guess and looks better with cute outfits!

  • Dr. Marten boots


I love this kind of look and want to cop some of my own Dr. Martens.  My only fear about them is they might make my feet look ginormous but oh well.

  • Ray Ban Hexagon Sunglasses


I love the look of round sunglasses and I don’t have the face to pull them off and these hexagon glasses are the perfect way for me to get my fix on round glasses without them being too small for my face.  I already have a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses but they are one of there cheaper styles, I think I got them for like $70 so I want a cuter pair like these.  They also come in cute colors too so I might get them in a color so I can justify my purchase as I need “fashionable” glasses.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what I want to purchase these coming months.  Who knows, if I do end up getting all of this stuff, I can do a haul and show y’all what I got! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a sunshine filled day! love you all. ♥


PS. All the photos in this post I got from Pinterest!



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