Hey sunshine’s, so it’s the greatest day of the week and as requested from my Instagram, I did a dorm tour! Today’s post is on my YouTube channel (which you guys should definitely subscribe to) and I’m thinking that every other week I will do a blog post and then a youtube video just to spice things up a little. I’m so stoked for summer so I can focus on putting up/creating content that I love! But anyways,  as you all know from my last blog post (if not go read it!) I go to Arizona State and my freshman year is coming to an end in just 3 short weeks!!!!!! So I figured it’s now or never to show everyone my dorm room before I take everything down and get the hell out of here!! It’s honestly so crazy how fast this year went by but I’ll get into all that in a later blog post so stay tuned for that!  I hope you guys enjoy this, I mean you all wanted it anyways so you better like it people.  Hahahaha just kidding, but subscribe and watch my dorm tour below!



Thanks for watching sunshines! Stay tuned as always for next Friday’s post. ♥

Also, leaves comments on my blog or on the video if you have any requests for my next posts!


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