I know this is coming a day later than usual but it’s better than nothing right? For this blog post I just wanted to talk about my process in choosing Arizona State, hopefully this will help some of you soon to be graduating seniors in deciding where you want to go if you haven’t already!

For me, this was my criteria in looking at colleges, it had to have nice weather, preferably by the beach and Greek life. I ended up applying to San Diego State, Arizona State, CSU Channel Islands (only because my mom made me), and Cal Poly SLO. At one point I wanted to apply to Long Beach but I toured the campus and decided it just wasn’t for me so I didn’t end up applying there. Out of the schools I applied to I toured San Diego State and ASU. I didn’t want to your Cal Poly until I found out if I got in or not because I didn’t want to fall in love with the campus and not get accepted in. I loved the campus and SDSU but the dorms were insanely small but if I got in I’m sure I would’ve made the sacrifice. I toured ASU almost two years ago and loved it there too. The dorms were so nice, the weather was warm almost year round and I loved the campus. I toured ASU with my best friend too so it made it even more amazing because we both liked it. Arizona State was the first school I applied to and the first school I got accepted to. But let me tell you, it is NOT the end of the world if you don’t get into every school you applied to! I had a 3.98 GPA and took AP classes all throughout high school and the only other school I got into was CSU Channel Islands. By no means does it mean that you aren’t smart enough but just that there is another place that’s just right for you. I only got accepted into 2 schools and I know I made the greatest decision in choosing ASU. I have met the most amazing people at Arizona State with so many opportunities. I never would’ve thought I could incorporate fashion into my career but ASU gave me that opportunity to have it as a minor. I wanted a place with nice weather, by the beach, and Greek life. I found two out of the three criteria’s in ASU and I was okay with that. I mean yes it’s hotter than hell in the beginning of the school year but when it’s January and 70 degrees that’s not half bad if I say so myself. Remember when I said before, me and my bff toured ASU together???? Well we decided to go to ASU together!!!! That made my decision even easier honestly. If you have the opportunity to go to college with someone you know and can actually stand being around them 24/7 I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s made my college experience even more special because I’ve had my bff with me the whole time. I mean we live together and have some classes together and our friends come and visit all the time so that’s pretty cool too.

My greatest advice I could give any senior that’s deciding where to go to college is this; don’t focus on the schools you didn’t get into, it’s an amazing accomplishment to get into any college and be proud of the schools you got accepted to. Everything happens for a reason and even if the schools you did get into aren’t what you wanted and decide against going to a four year university, there is NOTHING wrong with going to a junior college. Everyone’s college experience is different, so make it how you want it.

Thanks for reading guys (even though it came a day late)! I hope you have an amazing weekend and I’ll do my best to post next Friday, there’s only three weeks left of school and I’ve been swamped with homework and sorority stuff!!! Thanks for understanding sunshine’s, stay tuned for next weeks post! Love you all.


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