HELLO SUNSHINES!  Simply Sunshine is back and better than ever!! Some of you may have not even noticed that I didn’t post last Friday but it’s true! I had so much going on last week it was so crazy.  I had three tests I had to take/study for and it was my boyfriends spring break so he came to visit for a few days and by the time Friday came around I was done with all my tests but I just wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend before he left.  I could’ve put something up butttt it wouldn’t have been the greatest and I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it.  So here I am, back at it again, refreshed and recharged for this lovely post on this lovely Friday.

I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now and today was that day everybody! I cut my hair last June pretty short before I came to ASU but it wasn’t as short as I wanted it.  Not having a car also put a damper on getting my hair cut while I was in AZ last semester so I didn’t cut it at alllllll.  So it grew out a lot and then when I went home in February I got a trim because I wasn’t ready for any drastic changes BUT now its getting hotter and decided now was the time to get it chopped off.  I cut off probably 6 inches (my hair was like boob length pretty much) and NOW it’s to my collar bones!!! I love it  so so much honestly. It’s so cute and I’m hoping it’ll be a lot easier to manage in this hot AZ weather.  I am so happy I made the decision to do it.  If you are thinking about cutting your hair short, make sure you are completely sure.  If you have any doubts in your mind, don’t do it because ultimately you will probably regret it.  Just wait until you are ready and in the right mindset because it will be so worth it when you truly want it to happen. Here is a TINY video of when she started cutting my hair.

Thanks for reading/watching! Stayed tuned for next Friday’s post! Love you all!


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