The greatest day of the week has arrived ladies and gentlemen! On this lovely sunshine filled Friday I am coming at you with a weekend in my life, a new series I am starting! If you did not know already, I am in a long distance relationship. I personally think my boyfriend and I are kicking ass at this long distance thing.  My boyfriend plays football at a school right outside of Boise called College of Idaho and obviously you all know I go to ASU.  That being said, we try to see each other at least once a month.  I’ve mentioned in a post before that my mom works for Southwest Airlines so I fly for free and of course that benefit goes on to my boyfriend as well.  So it makes it very easy and CHEAP to fly to see each other.  This time, he escaped the snow and came to Arizona.


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Fun Fact: I love going to the movies!!!! So of course that is the first thing we did when he got here.  We actually got tickets a few days before because we went to see Black Panther and it was PACKED.  Our movie was at 8:30 and he got to my dorm at about 8:20 so I waited for him outside so I could just hop in the Uber. We are already running late and the Uber driver missed the turn making us even more late and we when we finally get there, the movie is already started and we have to do the whole “excuse me, sorry” all the way to our seats in the middle.  Overall, the movie was SO GOOD. Highly recommend! Everyone stop reading right now and go buy tickets. But then come back and read the rest, you can’t leave me hanging.


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Tempe actually has some good restaurants that I have never been exposed to before so I took him to (my boyfriend’s name is Connor btw, so I don’t have to keep calling him “him”).  We went to Culinary Dropout on Saturday which is one of my new favorite places, if you’ve never been you have to get the pretzels, if you don’t, did you even go to Culinary Dropout? It was my big’s birthday on this past Sunday so I dragged Connor with me to the brunch she was having.  We went to this place in Scottsdale called Hash Kitchen.  I had never been before so we were both going in blind and didn’t know if it would be good or not.  It ended up being sooooo good and I wish I could go back but I don’t have a car here and an Uber right would be wayyyyyy to expensive.  After Culinary Dropout I took him to Tempe Marketplace and we went shopping and walked around for a little bit. On Sunday after brunch we just hungout in my dorm and I did homework and things like that.  We ended up ordering pizza from Oreganos and watched the All Star basketball game.


Long distance sucks at times but it’s weekends like these that make it all worth it(: Thanks for reading guys!!! Stay tuned for next weeks post!!! hint: it has something to do with DISNEYLAND, wooohooo!



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