IT’S FRIDAY! My blog post this week is going to be short and sweet because I wanted to get something up for you all but my boyfriend is coming to AZ today! As you all know I am in Delta Gamma at Arizona State and last night was our spring semester date party, we call it Crush, as does every sorority ever.  I did not have a date because my lovely boyfriend couldn’t make it to Arizona yesterday because of his school schedule (long distance can be a pain sometimes).  My bff in Delta Gamma didn’t have a date either so we just went together (: Since it’s is during Valentine’s week and all we were supposed to wear pink, red, black, white, or any other neutral color (so festive).  From years of high school homecomings I knew I had to have something I could wear so I didn’t have to buy anything.  I ended up borrowing a white lace romper that my mom got from Bebe a few years ago.  This thing was so comfy and I didn’t have to worry about pulling my dress down every two seconds while I was dancing the night away AND it has POCKETS, made it so easy to carry around my keys and id without having to bring a purse with me!  The shoes however…. let’s just say my feet are tore up today.  My shoes I got for sorority recruitment a few months ago and just decided to wear those.  A big tip from me to you my friends, get neutral colored heels so you never have to buy any.  A nude pair, a black pair, and maybe a pop of color pair that’s like red or pink or something.  My jewelry I got the day before crush from Forever 21.  The necklaces came in a set for like $4 and it’s nice because they are separates so I can wear each necklace with a different one if I wanted to.  I also have gold hoops on from Forever 21 which were around $3 but you can’t even see them because my hair is down.  I ended up taking them off later in the night because they were bothering me.  Still happy I bought them though just so I have some good gold hoops.  I didn’t go to formal last semester so I was excited to get all dressed up for this date party.  I had lots of fun and can’t wait until formal when my oh so handsome boyfriend can come! Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed!




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