Welcome to Simply Sunshine

HERE IT IS! I have been wrestling with the idea of starting my own fashion and lifestyle blog ever since I started college back in August.  I figured my first post should be me introducing myself and what not, right? Just so y’all can get to know me a little bit, let’s start with the basics.  First off, my name is Mikayla and I’m from the oh so lovely (only sometimes) Sacramento, California.  Before those of you start to think I’m cool for living in California let me just say that Sacramento is NOT in the Bay Area and no I don’t live by the beach or see celebrities on the daily.  But I mean it takes two hours one direction to get to Lake Tahoe for some snow in the winter time and two hours in the opposite direction to get to San Fransisco for the beach in the summer time, so Sac town isn’t thaaat awful.  Just a little fun fact about me is that I HATE cold weather and the snow, so can you guess where I decided to go to college?  Yes, the desert! Arizona State is the place for me.  Yeah it’s hot in the summer with triple digit degrees for weeks but one thing I’ve learned from Arizona is that I can easily tell the difference in temperature between 95 and 100 which honestly isn’t that much of a difference but when it reaches 90 degree weather at ASU, expect to see snapchat stories of people being excited that its cooling down for us Sun Devils.  As for the name of my blog, this was the hardest part to come up with when I decided that I for sure wanted to create a blog.  After weeks of coming up with names I didn’t really like, asking friends for help, and even asking google for some help with “blog name ideas”, it hit me.  Simply Sunshine.  If you know me personally then you know I call everyone sunshine so I felt like using sunshine fit who I am as a person and how I interact with people.  As for Simply Sunshine as a whole and the bigger picture of the name that doesn’t pertain to me as a person, it’s that this blog is a place to express ideas and for you guys to maybe get inspired and for Simply Sunshine to be a positive space for myself and for others because when I think of sunshine I think of happiness and positivity and I want that to translate to this blog.  But thank you guys so much for taking the time out of your day to visit my blog, it means the world to me! Have an amazing day lovelies.




One thought on “Welcome to Simply Sunshine

  1. This is amazing! I so happy for you & cant wait to follow your journey! Happy New Year “sugar!” & if I started a blog my would be simplysugar! 😉


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