As you all know and if you don’t well you are about to find out, my birthday was last week ( I turned the most irrelevant age of all time) and this year I wanted to revamp my wardrobe and I didn’t want anything in particular so I got some cash money’s for my birthday! Soooo I did a little shopping while I was home and got so many things I absolutely looooveee.  I decided to do a haul instead of writing about it because it would be way to long and no one would want to read all of that. But thank you for reading and thank you for watching the video.  ALSO!!! The love and support I got from people while I was home was so incredible and if you’re reading this right now and you showed support while I was home, I love you and thank you sooooo much.  I can’t even describe how good it feels to be surrounded by so many supportive people! ♥

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It’s Friday everyone!!! As spring break is starting to come to an end, I wanted to remisince on my time in Disneyland and post my vlog! I had a blast with my bff Lucy and I hope you guys enjoy it!  Stay tuned for next weeks post of my birthday haul!

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Hello Sunshine! It’s your favorite day of the week, especially since today is the start of spring break! Wooohoooo!!!! So in honor of it being spring break I was inspired to write about tips I’ve learned throughout the years for packing. As you know, my parents are divorced and I have had to go back and forth between each parent for almost all my life so I think it’s safe to say I’m and EXPERT packer.  So if you’re struggling on what you should pack for your spring break vacation or just going home and need to take clothes back then here you go!


This is probably one of the most important things before packing.  If you don’t check the weather, and just assume it is going to be nice weather or cold, then you could bring things that you won’t even use or be completely unprepared for the weather conditions.


Depending on what the weather is and how many days you are staying you can start to think of what you want to wear while you are on vacation or at home.  By thinking about what you want to wear ahead of time it avoids over packing and bringing things you won’t wear!


Sometimes I when I think of outfits I forget about what shoes I want to wear with them. Depending on where you are going you will probably need sneakers, sandals, and a dressier pair of shoes if you are going out or to a nice dinner


If you are currently having to sit on your suitcase to get it to zip up, my biggest tip for that is rolling your clothes! It takes up less space and you can easily make room for your makeup bag and some shoes if you needed to!


Whether you are taking a road trip or are flying, bring a backpack or purse, anything that can easily be accessible and keep something in there that will keep you occupied on the plain! It can be headphones so you can listen to music or a book to read or maybe buy a magazine before you get on the plane or the road!

Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope this helped and I hope everyone has a safe and very fun spring break! If you’re not on spring break just keep this in mind for when you are (; .  Stay tuned for next weeks post of my Disneyland Vlog!



The greatest day of the week has arrived ladies and gentlemen! On this lovely sunshine filled Friday I am coming at you with a weekend in my life, a new series I am starting! If you did not know already, I am in a long distance relationship. I personally think my boyfriend and I are kicking ass at this long distance thing.  My boyfriend plays football at a school right outside of Boise called College of Idaho and obviously you all know I go to ASU.  That being said, we try to see each other at least once a month.  I’ve mentioned in a post before that my mom works for Southwest Airlines so I fly for free and of course that benefit goes on to my boyfriend as well.  So it makes it very easy and CHEAP to fly to see each other.  This time, he escaped the snow and came to Arizona.


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Fun Fact: I love going to the movies!!!! So of course that is the first thing we did when he got here.  We actually got tickets a few days before because we went to see Black Panther and it was PACKED.  Our movie was at 8:30 and he got to my dorm at about 8:20 so I waited for him outside so I could just hop in the Uber. We are already running late and the Uber driver missed the turn making us even more late and we when we finally get there, the movie is already started and we have to do the whole “excuse me, sorry” all the way to our seats in the middle.  Overall, the movie was SO GOOD. Highly recommend! Everyone stop reading right now and go buy tickets. But then come back and read the rest, you can’t leave me hanging.


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Tempe actually has some good restaurants that I have never been exposed to before so I took him to (my boyfriend’s name is Connor btw, so I don’t have to keep calling him “him”).  We went to Culinary Dropout on Saturday which is one of my new favorite places, if you’ve never been you have to get the pretzels, if you don’t, did you even go to Culinary Dropout? It was my big’s birthday on this past Sunday so I dragged Connor with me to the brunch she was having.  We went to this place in Scottsdale called Hash Kitchen.  I had never been before so we were both going in blind and didn’t know if it would be good or not.  It ended up being sooooo good and I wish I could go back but I don’t have a car here and an Uber right would be wayyyyyy to expensive.  After Culinary Dropout I took him to Tempe Marketplace and we went shopping and walked around for a little bit. On Sunday after brunch we just hungout in my dorm and I did homework and things like that.  We ended up ordering pizza from Oreganos and watched the All Star basketball game.


Long distance sucks at times but it’s weekends like these that make it all worth it(: Thanks for reading guys!!! Stay tuned for next weeks post!!! hint: it has something to do with DISNEYLAND, wooohooo!





IT’S FRIDAY! My blog post this week is going to be short and sweet because I wanted to get something up for you all but my boyfriend is coming to AZ today! As you all know I am in Delta Gamma at Arizona State and last night was our spring semester date party, we call it Crush, as does every sorority ever.  I did not have a date because my lovely boyfriend couldn’t make it to Arizona yesterday because of his school schedule (long distance can be a pain sometimes).  My bff in Delta Gamma didn’t have a date either so we just went together (: Since it’s is during Valentine’s week and all we were supposed to wear pink, red, black, white, or any other neutral color (so festive).  From years of high school homecomings I knew I had to have something I could wear so I didn’t have to buy anything.  I ended up borrowing a white lace romper that my mom got from Bebe a few years ago.  This thing was so comfy and I didn’t have to worry about pulling my dress down every two seconds while I was dancing the night away AND it has POCKETS, made it so easy to carry around my keys and id without having to bring a purse with me!  The shoes however…. let’s just say my feet are tore up today.  My shoes I got for sorority recruitment a few months ago and just decided to wear those.  A big tip from me to you my friends, get neutral colored heels so you never have to buy any.  A nude pair, a black pair, and maybe a pop of color pair that’s like red or pink or something.  My jewelry I got the day before crush from Forever 21.  The necklaces came in a set for like $4 and it’s nice because they are separates so I can wear each necklace with a different one if I wanted to.  I also have gold hoops on from Forever 21 which were around $3 but you can’t even see them because my hair is down.  I ended up taking them off later in the night because they were bothering me.  Still happy I bought them though just so I have some good gold hoops.  I didn’t go to formal last semester so I was excited to get all dressed up for this date party.  I had lots of fun and can’t wait until formal when my oh so handsome boyfriend can come! Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed!




Hello Sunshine!  IT’S FRIDAY, WOOHOOOOO! This means 1. it’s is the start of the weekend & 2. of course I have a new post for you guys (;.  So I took a poll on Instagram on what you guys thought would be my post this week and “My first first party” had the most votes so I think that’ll be my next post for the story time series.  I’m sure by the title you can tell what this story time is about.  You’re probably thinking “What, Mikayla went to jury? That doesn’t seem like her”.  I have indeed been to the lovely Juvenile Detention in Lake Tahoe but maybe not for the reason you think.  I guess you’ll just have to keep reading to hear the real story……….



So here is how it goes, picture 16 year old Mikayla, a sophomore in high school, who recently got her driver’s license and happens to be the only one in the friend group who has a driver’s license.  Okay so here is how it started, I’m just hanging out with two of my bff’s (you know who you are) and we are bored out of our minds trying to find something to do.  At this point in time one of my friends had been hanging out with these guys and they were on vacation in Lake Tahoe, which keep in mind is only 2 hours from where we live.  So in trying to find something to do, someone suggested that we drive to Tahoe to hangout with them, but remember I’m the only one with a driver’s license so it was up to me.  After lots of convincing I said sure, why not, it’s an adventure.  To be honest we didn’t have much of a plan, & we were silly for that.  At the time we had been friends with this guy and we asked if he wanted to come with us and he was down so we got gas and started driving (@ 9pm).  If you don’t know, I have a Volkswagen Beetle and my poor car barely made it.  I ended up having my guy friend drive because I didn’t want to anymore and he ended up driving for the rest of the night.  We got to Tahoe and picked up the other guys at probably 11-12 or so I don’t really remember. But we went to the beach and all hung out and the night was going smoothly we just needed to figure out where we were going to sleep.  We came to the conclusion we would sleep in my car somewhere but I’m sure you can guess that didn’t happen.  So some people were hungry so we decided to go to McDonald’s, which wasn’t that far, and on the way back from McDonal’s we are on our way to taking the boys back to where they were staying.  This is where the real story begins.  WE GET PULLED OVER FOR SPEEDING. First off, someone else is driving my car, second like I mentioned before, I have a little bug and it seats 4 people……..we had 6 people in my car.  So as soon as we got pulled over I knew we were screwed.  The police officers were nice and just expressed concern for us being minors and out this late and far away from home.  Since we were minors, they couldn’t just let us drive home, so they made us call out parents.  At this point its about 2:30 AM and my mom has to get up early for work so I knew this was not going to go over well.  Pretty much just had to tell our parents where we were and what had happened and she had to talk to the police officer.  I got the whole “what were you thinking” speech from my mom and what not.  The two boys that were staying in Tahoe got picked up and so there was just four of us left now, me, our guy friend who was driving, and my two bff’s. The whole situation was very unique and the officers didn’t really know what to do with us so they said we needed a parent to come pick us up.  That ended up being one of my bff’s mom, and then I would have to drive my car back and just follow when she got there.  In the meantime they needed somewhere to put us soooooo guess what was down the street, JUVY.  So they told us to follow them to the place, so we did obviously, and the guy that worked there took our phones and everything we had with us, we had to fill out some paperwork, and I bet all of you thought we had to stay in a cell or something but we didn’t!  We were there for a few hours and hung out with the guy who worked there and they had a TV and board games. So that’s what we did in the meantime, watched TV and played board games.  The worker offered us snacks and it was honestly a chill night except he wouldn’t let me pee.  There was a bathroom clearly visible in the room we were in and when I asked him if I could use it, he said “No, that’s only for me, you can go into a cell and use the bathroom”.  At first I thought he was joking but I soon learned he was not, so you best bet I held my pee for a few hours longer because I was not about to pee in a juvy cell.  I tried to sleep while we were there because I had to drive home but I slept for maybe 15 minutes but once we got picked up around 5:30 am I had to drive home.  My friends mom brought her other daughter and her boyfriend so all my friends went with her mom and the sister and the boyfriend came with me so I didn’t have to drive back alone.  I ended up getting in a bunch of trouble which was the first time I’ve ever been in trouble in my life honestly but now it’s just a funny story that my parents use to make fun of me (: .  A few weeks later me and my friends got something in the mail…. it was a ticket for $75 for being out passed curfew.  I look back on this experience and while yes, it was an adventure, I have no idea what were we thinking but oh well it makes for a funny story now.


Thanks for reading guys, I bet you all didn’t believe I went to juvy but I did, technically (;

Stay tuned for next week’s post! Love you all.


PS the photo is not from the time I went to juvy, just a picture I had from Tahoe!



Hello Sunshine!  As a little update for you all, I have decided that I am going to post every FRIDAY so mark your calendars guys.  So on this lovely Friday I am sharing with you all what I use for my makeup everyday! If you know went to high school with me then you know I got up at 5:30 am everyday and wore a full face of makeup to school. Buttttt now that I am in college I hardly wear makeup because I just don’t have the energy to get up early to do it before class but when I do wear makeup this is what I go for.  I’m a sucker for warm shadows and glowy skin so that’s what I go for when I wear makeup.  These are my go to items for my everyday makeup.  I have gotten a lot of eyeshadow palette’s over the years & that is probably the item that changes the most often but at the moment I am LOVING the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe, it’s been my go to for a while now.  When I use this, I pretty much just throw all the warm shadows in my crease a little darker brown in the outer corner and some sparkly gold goodness on my lid.  I have just recently gone back to the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Pore Less foundation.  The only thing I struggle with with this foundation is finding my perfect shade, I mean I can make it work but the color isn’t perfect for my skin tone.  For concealer, I use the oh so popular Tarte Shape Tape & I can easily say, this is not an overhyped product, definitely worth the money.  As for the rest of my face, I use the CoverFx Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight for my liquid highlighter and I top it off with the Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, for blush I used the Too Faced blush in the shade Baby Love, & of course the Benefit Hoola Bronzer (if you don’t use this then you are definitely missing out).  I used to wear fake eyelashes a lot but I have opted out of that and I just stick to mascara and my favorite mascara of allllllll time is the Maybelline Lash Sensational, it’s the best mascara hands down.  The hardest part of my makeup for me to do is my eyebrows, OH MY GOD, I could spend hours on my brows.  They are two completely different shapes and it is just so difficult for me to get them to look decent.  To fill them in I just use a brown eyeshadow in my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (this is also a good way to save money, just use an eyeshadow that matches your brows well from an eyeshadow palette you already own).  To set my brows I use the Benefit Brow gel in number 5.  OHHHHH, I almost forgot, okay so my lip color changes everyday that’s why I didn’t include it in the picture but I mostly wear a nude liquid lipstick or just a regular lipstick with a gloss.  In the selfies, I am wearing Candy K  liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner.  One nude lipstick I wear a lot also is from Colour Pop and it’s the collaboration with Kathleen Lights and it’s called Aquarius & my go to gloss is from Buxom in the shade White Russian.  That is pretty much it for my makeup on days when I decide I feel like getting ready.  These are all my favorite products and I have had them for a long time, so even though some of them are more expensive, it is definitely worth the money!  Thanks for reading guys, it means so much to me!  Stay tuned for the new post next Friday! ♥

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